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The point of an actor/model headshot is to capture you as a person, to give someone an image to connect to.

An actor/model headshot may be the most well known type of headshot, and what people immediately connect the word to. Acting and modelling are both profession’s that will base a lot off of your personal appearance. This makes your head shot important in landing you a job.

The point of a headshot is to capture you as a person, to give someone an image to connect to. This helps if the process of getting the job isn’t in person until a later stage. It is important to have the image focus on you. It is a headshot for a reason, make sure that you are keeping your face the main point of the photo. Don’t worry so much about a cool or interesting background, or including your whole outfit.

Even though you are hiring a photographer to do the job its important to have an idea of what you want the finished product to look like. The photographer will know best, but they do appreciate input on what you want the finished product to look like. It will help both of you be happy with the end result. You want to ensure your personality is visible in the photo. This is important since it is a first impression you are providing to potential employers.
Wardrobe wise it is important to wear solid colours. Try to stay away from prints or patterns, as it will distract from the sole purpose of the photo, which is your face.

You should trust your photographer to pose you to have your best features shown. If you’re feeling uncomfortable you can always ask to see a quick review of the photo on camera. This can help you understand why they might be posing you in a way that feels completely ridiculous (but looks great!)

You need to feel comfortable with your headshot, as it is a representation of yourself and what you can provide as an actor or model. Make sure you communicate with your photographer so you can get the best result possible.

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