A Simple Tutorial. Light Modifier Comparison.

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A simple tutorial. Light Modifier Comparison.

This is a simple tutorial that showcases a Light Modifier Comparison between 3 modifiers. When selecting a light modifier it’s important to know what effect the light source you choose will have on your image. First you should consider the final purpose of the image. The the goal and objective. How should someone feel when they look at it? What is the emotional response you desire? These may sound like silly questions but they are all important things to consider in creating a great image.

Most clients who come in looking for a professional headshot are looking for an image that flatter them. Basically they want to look great as we all do. Usually this means soft lighting with a diffuse large light source. In these situations I’ll usually opt for the large Octogon softbox. I’ll also add a white reflector to bounce light in on the shadow side. Although this is my go to lighting for professional headshots. It’s not always the best choice and I tailor each session to the individual and choose what is best for their face type.

In this short tutorial you’ll see the different effects in the portraits of Amy, my wonderful assistant. In this tutorial you’ll see the difference between a large octogon softbox, a refelctor dish and a standard white umbrella. The simplest way to identify the light source is to look at the catch lights in the eyes and the shadow under the nose.

Thanks for watching and sorry in advance it was a very bad hair day!

[content_box icon=”navicon” title=”Transcript.”]Today we are going to be showing you a short tutorial on how the light source you choose dictates the transition between high light and shadow on your subjects face. We will be using a large Octagon soft box which creates a very soft transition between highlight and shadow. A small reflector dish which is a tiny light source has a harsh and contrasty transition. This light mimiques the sun on a sunny day. And then we will also be showing you a common tool which is the umbrella. Photographing with a medium size umbrella. Hopefully you find this tutorial useful when selecting the next light source for your next headshot.[/content_box]

Check out this link HERE for a sample from a professional headshot session at Photoworks Studio.

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