Show Your Story

Personal Brand Photography for Entrepreneurs

Authentic Images of your brand to help you get noticed.


The REAL you. The AUTHENTIC you.

The truth is you need images in every single thing you do.

Images shape people’s emotions and first opinions of your brand.

Your audience wants to see behind the mask.

To see the real moments of you in your element.

I get you may not love having your picture done.

But you know what?

Working with the right photographer can change that.

You need to BUILD stronger RELATIONSHIPS with your audience.

Get rid of those stiff old staged headshots that don’t convert.

Show them who you are and what you value.

Get authentic images done that match your brand’s style.

You’re a busy entrepreneur.

Your time is best spent on what you do best.

Don’t waste it taking a bunch of selfies.


” We have already seen a difference that branding photos are having on attracting more interest and business.

 We will definitely be back to get more branding photos done”

My BHL Wellness Team

Natural fun headshot

Instead, work with us.

We get it. You hate having your photograph taken.

We excel at making the experience fun and painless.

We’ve photographed thousands of people over20+ years as professional photographers.

Making us experts at capturing you quickly and in the best light.

We understand your time is your most precious asset.

We listen to you and provide our expertise when we need to.

We offer fast turnaround. Images are delivered in one week.


What to expect

Creating authentic and engaging photos for your brand starts with an in-depth consultation.

We listen to your needs and come well researched, with a plan of action.

But don’t worry we are flexible and open to ideas too! It’s a true collaboration.

We want you to look and feel your best.
All our sessions include a wardrobe consultation and professional make-up.
During your session, we’ll guide you to get the right poses and expression.

Which session is right for you?

All session includes an in-depth pre-session consultation. This is what allows us to truly create the photos that showcase your uniqueness, connect with your audience.


Branding Headshot

  • One location.
  • 1 story. 3 professionally retouched final images sized for use on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and your website!
  • Includes a full commercial license.
  • $499


Website Essentials

  •  One location.
  • 1 story. 10 professionally retouched final images sized for use on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and your website!
  • Includes a full commercial license.
  • $1500


Marketing Superpack

  • Two locations.
  • Up to 3 stories. 90 photos for website & social media.
  • Includes a full commercial license.
  • 10 favorite images carefully retouched as required.
  • $3150

Influencer Subscription Info.

Do you need a consistent supply of images?  The Influencer subscription plan will provide you with visual content throughout the year.

Subscription Plan is limited to ONLY a few spots. 

We want to get to know you and understand your brand. To become part of your team.

So every time you need a photographer you don’t need to waste time searching and onboarding someone new.

We’ll be prepared to capture photos that engage your audience. And get your audience to take action.

Images that get your audience to read, click and convert.

We’ll travel to you. Be that to your office, your home,  your events, or wherever you need.

If this sounds like something you need contact us for more details! 416-890-7866 or info@photosthatwork.com


Want to work together?

Here’s how…

Contact Us!

Send us a quick e-mail.



We’ll respond with answers

to your questions within 24 hours!


We’ll get the paperwork ready and set

a date for our photo shoot.



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Still not convinced?

Here are some more reasons to invest in a personal branding photo shoot.

Say it quicker with a picture.

1.Don’t tell them. Show them. Today’s consumers have disappearing attention spans. Photos enable you to show your clients and customers what you have to offer rather than tell them.

First Impressions.

2. You may think professional photography is just another expense you can do without. But what will low quality, unprofessional photos communicate to your clients? Likely that your products and services are also low quality.

Versatile Content.

3. Professional photos are powerful, versatile form of content. They make your website more interesting to visitors. You can use them on any social media platform. They are also great for brochures and printed marketing materials.


4. By creating dynamic unique images we show potential clients who you really are. Authenticity is kind of a magical sounding word. And when you are authentic as a brand you easily attract your ideal clients.

A Competitive Edge

In a competitive marketplace, everything you do impacts your business. In today’s visual world your images say a lot about you. If your images are low quality isn’t it save to think that your clients will think the service or product you offer is low quality too?

Building Trust

We each have individual values and beliefs that guide us in our purchasing choices. Sharing your brands’ story, through authentic images will draw your ideal client closer to you. And in turn, cut the competition. Authenticity is one of those of magical sounding words, isn’t it? And it’s amazing the difference using authentic custom images will make.

Social Media

Today more then ever the first time someone sees you and your brand is online. They are introduced to your brand through your website and on your blog. They get introduced to you on LinkedIn. Engage with you on Facebook. Read your tweets on Twitter. See your visual story on Instagram. When clients are meeting you online what kind of the first impression are you making?



358 Dufferin St, Toronto,
ON M6K 2B8 Suite#106