Top 3 reasons you need a professional headshot.

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Today I’m going to give you the top three reasons everybody should have a professional headshot.

Look the part.

A professional headshot helps you look the part. This may seem pretty straightforward, right? But how many times have you met somebody at a networking event or at a conference? And then looked for them on LinkedIn to connect and you are “surprised” by the profile photo. It either looks nothing like them. Or even worse it’s a selfie that doesn’t reflect the profession that they are working in.

Instant positive impression.

The second reason you need a professional headshot is that it offers an instant positive impression.
Like it or not we all make judgments about what we see. If you’re not using a professional photo likely people won’t take you as seriously.
Let’s be honest for a moment.
How many times have you logged into LinkedIn and judged other peoples profile photos? Okay judged might be a strong word. Let’s use surprised instead. Do you want somebody being “surprised” when they see your photo?

Showcase your personality.

Nowadays often the first time somebody meets you is online. It makes sense to control how you’re showing up online.
A professional headshot is important as it allows you to showcase your personality. This is your chance to show the world how you are different and what make s you, you. Make the most of it!
We all know people like doing business with people they like. And there is your chance to show them who you are! Let your uniqueness shine through.

You can do this through the lighting. What you’re wearing and through your expression and body language. If you’re a lawyer it makes sense to wear a suit. If you’re an artist it wearing a suit isn’t a true reflection of you. An artist may wear something that’s a little bit more reflective of the type of artist they are.

To recap having a professional headshot allows you to;

1. Look professional

2. Provides an instant positive impression.

3. Gives you an opportunity to stand out by showcasing your unique personality.

So what are you waiting for?

Here are a few samples of my own personal headshots over the years. Some are better than others!

Are you looking for more than a basic headshot? Do you want something that’s more reflective of your brand and tells the story of who you are? If you answered yes check out our Personal branding headshot sessions HERE

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