Lost In Identity A Journey To Love The book cover story.

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Lost In Identity
A Journey To Love

The book cover story.

I had the pleasure to meet Mustafa Nazareli back in 2012 when I photographed his marriage to Troy Bishop

It was a real privilege to document two people with a great love and respect for each other.   When Mustafa approached me about collaborating on his first book cover I agreed!

The idea behind the cover was to showcase the journey Mustafa experienced. Going from lost, empty and destructive life to finding happiness, love and success.

I think the cover turned out great and expresses what we were after.

Final Book Cover Image.

  A Journey To Love is a memoir by author Mustafa Nazarali’s. His book is, honest and at times gut wrenching. His story is that of learning to let go, even when it means risking everything he holds dear. And, in the end, the risks pay off in a dividend more valuable than even the author could have predicted.

Mustafa shares his Life story and lessons learned to EMPOWER individuals. He teaches that by letting go of the past, forgiving oneself and others we can move towards a life of happiness.  Mustafa teaches us that we each have the power within us to create the Life that we want. To be, do or have anything that we desire. Mustafa was Lost In his own Identity on who he was but found his way to who he is today.

In his book, Mustafa introduces his coaching model in Appreciate.Believe.Create. You can find out more about his coaching at http://appreciatebelievecreate.com/our-philosophy/.

Learn how to transform your Life using the Appreciate.Believe.Create  philosophy and model here.

Taken from the Appreciate Believe website;

“Appreciate where you are and what you have as this is the starting point for any change in Life. The past is just a memory and the future has yet to be written!

Believe that you have the power within yourself or that a higher power will guide you, knowing that “the spirit is the Life, the mind is the builder, and the physical is the result”!

Create your Life based on your desires and expectations of yourself, knowing that anything is possible because you are the creator, the builder and or the healer of your own Life!”
Want to get your hands on a copy of Lost In Identity A Journey To Love ? Check it out here http://appreciatebelievecreate.com/mustafas-book/

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