The Importance of Marketing a Small Business. Increase customer engagement with beautiful photography.

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Marketing a Small Business with great photography. Increase customer engagement with beautiful photography.

Great photography plays an important role in Marketing a small business.  The images you use in your business  will say a lot about your brand. Branding is a key component to ensuring people are aware that your business exists. Today we are overwhelmed with information. One way to get your message  through is with great photography . Some studies show that 90% of the information sent to the brain is visual. We now know that visual content such as photographs increase engagement. Including  images in your business advertising will set you apart from your  competitors.

Advertising doesn’t always equal an immediate sale. It’s about creating awarenes. Potential customers need to know your product or service exists.  As a small business you are at a huge advantage. You have the flexibility and freedom to adapt to a ever changing marketplace. As Facebook employee Malorie Lucich says “People share, read and generally engage more with any type of content when it’s surfaced through friends and people they know and trust.”  Today there are many small business owners. People now realize the value of investing in our local economy. Rather than the big corporate businesses. People love the idea of supporting local businesses and making personal connections. This is why its important to choose how you market your business. You need to have a specific and unique voice. Consumers like when  feel a personal connection to your brand. This unique voice should come through in social media updates, advertisements, and special offers.

The next step is to learn your market place. Figure out who your local competitors are and see what they are doing. Adjust your marketing campaign from there. This will help you see what works and doesn’t work and build from there. This is also a great way to learn how to test and optimize your ads and promotions. Try using different headlines and images for the same promotion. Track your results and see what catches the eye of potential consumers.

Building a powerful brand, is your company’s best marketing tool. A Brand is easy to think of  as comparing a business brand to a person’s reputation. You’ll gain respect by doing something hard, but doing it well. The magic behind Branding is the trust it creates between you and your  customer. It’s this trust that results in a consumer selecting you  rather then your competitors. Branding is a business’ style, reputation, and culture combined into one. This usually ties in a distinctive characteristic that represents your company. It’s best to find something you connect to and love and use that to reach out to others. Make sure to keep your written communication clear and understandable, but not repetitive. Find a voice to your messages and stick with it. Remember to be your own person, be passionate about your brand. No one will be passionate about your business if you’re not passionate about it.

Your brand is one thing no other competitor can take away from you. It is important to think through what your brand will be, and stick to it.

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