3 Simple Tips to Improve Your Headshot

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A short video tutorial with 3 Simple Tips to Improve Your Headshot.

Here is a short video on how to pose for a flattering headshot. This video shot in our studio with our assistant Amy took just a few short minutes to complete. Here you will see how some simple techniques that can make a real difference to the end result.

When it come to a fantastic headshot, there are three key elements. One is connection. It’s important to look at the lens. Another important factor is the lighting. For most people a large, diffused light is the most flattering but may not be the right choice for every situation. Last how the body is positioned in relation to the camera effects the final result. A camera will always make the object that is closest to it appear larger. As an experienced photographer we know how to use this to our advantage when creating an image you’ll love and be proud to use.

We hope you enjoy watching our short tutorial on 3 Simple Tips to Improve Your Headshot.


Wherever the camera is positioned turn your client on a 45 degree angle. Feel free to let your client choose their “better side” if they feel they have one. Point the foot that is closest to the camera straight to the lens, and bend the same knee. This creates a relaxed body position. Bring one arm away from your body so theres a gap between your arm and the body. Then, a slight lean forward from the waist will help the final image. Push the chin forward towards the camera, and lower the chin down slightly. Tilt the head to the side in a very small movement.

If you are shooting with natural light (such as window light) you can bring in a reflector to add some highlights to the eyes. Then you can bring in a black card to bring in some shadow which creates some dimension and shape to the face.

After setting up always double check that the client is still in position. If not adjust accordingly and you should notice an improvement in your headshots!

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