Photography for entrepreneurs.

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Since moving to Milton, Ontario I’ve met so many amazing female entrepreneurs who are so incredibly supportive of each other.

It inspired me to give back to my new community with my photography.

As a mom and an entrepreneur myself, I know how much we moms do every day. To grow our business, our little ones and support our community.

Kyla Holt of Solful Organics

I’d like to introduce you to the first female entrepreneur I’m featuring Kyla Holt.

Kyla Holt Solful Organics
Kyla Holt co -founder of Solful Organics

If you haven’t heard of Kyla Holt she is a local entrepreneur.  One of the co-founders of Soulful Organics and mom to five young children. Yes, you read that correctly five young children and yet she still manages to find the time to run a business and give back to her community!

Kyla’s biggest passion comes from helping people heal. Heal from skin issues and chronic illness.  She loves to help people find a better more natural way to gain their health back.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

Kyla’s entrepreneurial spirit began early. She had her first business at the age of 11.

Like most moms, Kyla challenges are time management. She is often feeling like she’s not giving enough to her kids. Or not enough to her business.  But watching her as photographed her, it was obvious that her kids feel very loved and connected to her.

Like most moms Kyla ensures she MAKES the time for the essential things.  She takes on tasks she can do with her kids underfoot or at random hours of the day – like social media posts.

Photography for entrepreneurs

I think all moms especially entrepreneurs have really high expectations of ourselves and what we should be doing. When in reality we are doing enough and doing the best we can.

Kyla has a passion for living a natural lifestyle. She formulated Skin Salvation a core Solful Organics product as a healing cream for her own children and family.

After witnessing the amazing benefits, she had to share them with others. She knows the healing benefits of natural products. And is excited to share her knowledge of natural living with as many people as possible.

You can purchase her products at https://www.solful.ca/

All of Solful’s products are entirely natural. Solful formulates all products with sustainable ingredients. Use the highest quality therapeutic grade essential oils. They source them indigenously, and sustainably from all around the world. Using a precise formulation and addition of powerful plant magic (aka herbal medicine).

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Participants will receive:

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  • Receive 3 digital images licensed for commercial use.

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I’d like you to challenge you to help me tell these amazing women’s stories!

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