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Dancer photos of the beautiful and talented Renee.

Dancers are graceful and beautiful when they move. Capturing their movement requires great timing. Renee has been practicing for many years at  PSB Dance Academy. I remember the very first time I saw Renee dance and the effect she had on the crowd. Everyone was so moved by her performance.

Dancers work hard to make their movements seem effortless. Dancing requires a lot of dedication and passion. Working with a professional photographer allows the dancer to see their beautiful movements frozen in time. Photo sessions may take place either in the studio or on location. Please contact us for more info.

Here are a few of the photographs from our in studio session. Thanks again Renee for a great session!


Dancer photos CAR_2254CAR_2225 CAR_2258e CAR_2298bw Dancer photosPhotoworks toronto studio. Dancer photos

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