Portrait photographer. Marie Curtis Park a great outdoor location.

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Portrait photographer. A family Portrait session at Marie Curtis Park.

As a  portrait photographer it’s great to have a studio. Controlled lighting, the ability to schedule a session anytime of the day. Temperature control. As you see there are a lot of benefits to shooting in a studio space.

Yet when photographing families with young children sometimes we need to get outside! This means we are always on the hunt for great outdoor locations.

As a professional what makes a great location? Surprising not a lot.

  • Accessibility

For me a great location needs to have parking nearby. Or be accessible by public transit. The distance to our shooting spot should be a spot less then a 10 minute walk away. Anyone with young children will understand why. I still need to carry my nearly 3 year old a lot (30 extra pounds) and I know I’m not alone.

  • Light

The location should offer areas of open shade. One of the challenges of shooting outdoors is finding great light. The last thing a family wants is to be squinting in their family portraits. Or worse to have hash shadows under their eyes and nose. Shooting in open shade is a great solution.  Often this is available along the side of a building or under a large dense tree.

  • Backdrop

A great location also offers more then one type of backdrop. Allowing us to create a variety of portraits within a small amount of time. Generally with young children you have about a 20 minute window to get the magic. That may be the first 20mins of a session or it may be the last 20mins. We never shoot longer then we need to. A family portrait session should be fun! This is about capturing a glimpse into how you connect as a family. It’s about creating beautiful artwork, to display and admire.

Today everyone has the ability to take family pics. You hire a professional photographer to create art and priceless heirlooms.

One of my new favourite outdoor locations is Marie Curtis Park in Etobicoke.  It offers it all. It’s very accessible, offer a variety of backdrops and nice light. Marie Curtis Park , is located in the farthest southwest corner of Toronto. Throughout the park there is plenty of greenery,  walking trails, and a beachfront. All offering beautiful scenic backdrops.

These are some portraits of a family I recently had the pleasure to photograph at Marie Curtis Park.

Photoworks_portrait photographer Photoworks_1512 Photoworks_momther and son portrait photographer Photoworks_portrait photographer Photoworks_1480 Family portrait by the waters edge. Toronto waterfront. Marie Curtis Park. Photoworks_1467 Photoworks_1434 Photoworks_1408-(1) Photoworks_baby boy portrait photographer Family portrait sitting on the grass. Marie Curtis Park. Family portrait sitting on the grass. Marie Curtis Park.

portrait photographer

portrait photographer

Family portrait cuddling on the bridge at Marie Curtis Park. Family portrait, walking. Marie Curtis Park. Family portrait, walking. Marie Curtis Park. Family Portrait Photoworks_1275

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