Outdoor Fall Photos Toronto

Outdoor Fall Photos Toronto at High Park 2017 Announcing our first ever mini sessions for Outdoor Fall Photos Toronto this year!   Autumn is a very popular time of year for family [...]

First birthday photoshoot a Sky Theme

First birthday photoshoot. When baby A’s mom contacted me she mentioned her babies name had Skye in it and she wanted to do a sky themed cake smash. I like to customize each set when I [...]

Baptism photographer

Baptism photographer, baby Alessandro’s baptism. On a beautiful sunny day, baby Alessandro is welcomed into the community of God at St. Peter’s Church. Surrounded by friends and [...]

Circus Theme Cake Smash

Circus Theme Cake Smash – Just clownin’ around! When we received a call for a circus theme cake smash we were so excited! Before every cake smash session we coordinate with parents [...]

Baby Bubble Bath Bonus Add on!

New Bonus Baby Bath! There are two things babies LOVE! Can you guess what they are? If you said something sweet and a baby bubble bath you are correct! What happens when you put a baby in front [...]

Bachelorette Photoshoot!?

What is a Bachelorette Photoshoot!? There are so many different ways to celebrate a bachelorette party. The classic ways are going to an all inclusive resort in the caribbean, partying in Vegas [...]

Cute Baby Smashes First Birthday Cake!

Cute Baby Smashes First Birthday Cake! Happy first birthday to this super cute baby! Baby A celebrated her first birthday with us, her mom, her grandmother and her dad (on FaceTime)! She came [...]