Natural newborn photography with a toddler

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Natural newborn photography with a toddler.

Capturing natural newborn photography with a toddler can be a challenge.
If you are a parent with a toddler you might be a little stressed about how the photo shoot will go. We understand you’ve spent hours looking for the right photographer to capture this special moment. You invest your time and money and you want beautiful portraits.
You worry…..
will my toddler stay put
are they going to listen
will they look at the camera
is there going to be an embarrassing meltdown

What to expect

No one can predict how your toddler will behave. However, if you take away the stress and decide to just go with the flow you’ll be guaranteed to have a better session.

Tools to make your session successful.

Tool # 1

The first and most important tool in our kit when working with newborns and toddlers is patience and lots of it!
As a result of our patience at almost every session with young children, a parent will always comment on how patient we are.

Tool # 2

Our second tool is timing. If you have a toddler you know they can be adorable little angels but the minute they get hungry or tired all hell breaks lose. We aim to time the session so your toddler is neither tired or hungry.

Tool # 3

Lastly, an important tool is Photoshop! If all our tricks of entertainment and persuasion don’t work. And your toddler wants nothing to do with their new baby sibling we will use digital magic. We simply capture a photo of your toddler and baby separately. Then combine the two with Photoshop. *note perfect results can not be guaranteed.

If you’re having a baby and you are looking for a natural newborn photographer in Toronto. You’ve found one!
We’d love to hear about your family so we can create truly beautiful portraits for you to cherish for years to come.
Give us a call at 416-890-7866 or e-mail us at info@photosthatwork.com to discuss

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