Toddler Photo Shoot

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Toddler Photo Shoot

 A Valentine’s Day photo shoot gone horribly wrong.

Why it’s very difficult to photograph toddlers in the studio and why I recommend going on location if possible with very active little ones.

I had been planning this photo session for over a month now.  A Valentine’s Day photo shoot of my, 15-month-old daughter. I photographed her a year ago and was so excited to be able to have her participate more in the session this year. Last year she was only 3 months old so she was lying on her back for all the photos.

I realized I had my work cut out for me. Knowing my daughter is very curious and active. I tried to cover all bases for a successful shoot.

  • We scheduled the session first thing in the morning so she was well rested and feed.
  • I recruited the assistance a pro toddler wrangler a.k.a Grandma.
  • I had the set and lighting fully set and ready to go upon her arrival.

The result should have been beautiful images I would cherish forever, and you know they are not what I was expecting but I love them anyways. Every time I look at them I laugh. She did not stay still for more then a split second and was always on the move. In these photos I see her personality as it is now and to me that is beautiful. I’m okay with the fact that she wasn’t looking at the camera smiling. That she wasn’t in the right spot for the correct lighting and that she was out of focus and blurry because I couldn’t keep up with her speed.

If however you don’t want your child running off the backdrop or out of the correct lighting spot, on location might be a better solution. There is plenty of room for them to run and me to chase them! This may also result in more genuine smiles.

Smiling or not childhood is such an incredibly fleeting time. It amazes me everyday how quickly my own daughter is changing and growing before my eyes. I want to capture every moment and hold on to it. I love all her photos, from them perfect stylized ones to the blurry IPhone pics. I know every time I look at them they take me back and I love it.

Toddler Photo


The difference a year makes. To see more images from her first Valentine’s Day click here.

toddler photo shoot

As if teddy was going to be interesting?


Grandma thought this might hold her attention.

Valentine's Day Toddler Photo session

Sitting for just a second.


Valentine's Day Toddler Photo session

A pink box…


Looking a lit bit more like me I’m embarrassed to say. Lips sticking out and on the run again! This has to be my favourite photo from today!

toddler photo shoot

Lips sticking out and on a mission.


toddler photo shoot

Running keys in hand.


We tried to take the keys away.

toddler photo shoot

Not pleased.


I really wanted a heart framing her eye and was trying to get her to copy me.

Valentine's Day Toddler Photo session

Peek-a-boo heart.


The anger of not having mommy’s keys!

Valentine's Day Toddler Photo session

What where are my keys!


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