Toddler Photos – Terrible Twos

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Toddler Photos, Thano at home.

Toddler photos can sometimes be a difficult session. At this age many toddlers have no interest in staying still for a camera and are wary of strangers. People often refer to this age as the “terrible twos” for a reason

Recently I had the pleasure to photograph two year old Thanos.  I decided the best way to do this was to try and make Thanos as comfortable as possible by going to him and capturing images in his home environment while he went about his day as a busy little boy who’s sole occupation is eating, playing and running around exploring. Thanos is wonderful, beautiful little boy and we ended up with some very natural portraits. We had a little fun playing in the yard and he sweetly offered me some of his yummy strawberries too. Thanks Thanos!

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