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Why a wedding album should be a necessity.

Are you debating if you should or shouldn’t get a wedding album? If so this is a must read.

Growing up my parents wedding album was something we viewed almost daily. As young children we were in awe of seeing our parents look so beautiful and in love. Today we still enjoy looking through it. I’m certain very soon my baby daughter will have the same joy of seeing her grandparents young and in love. The best part of having a physical album is that we don’t need to worry about how we are going to view their wedding photos, we just pick it up and flip the pages.

How easy will viewing our digital files be in the future be? Technology changes at such a rapid pace now. Do you remember the zip drive, or VHS players? How many people do you know who have a ton of VHS tapes and no way to view them?

Your wedding album is the first heirloom of your new family.

An album is an investment in your memories, to keep them, protect them, and share them for many years to come. Finally seeing your wedding photos in an album is very exciting. You’ll look at them over and over again, and it will be one of the most valuable things you’ve ever owned. But the true value of your album lies in the future.  Picture yourselves sitting with your kids showing them how amazing you both looked and telling them all about the story of their family as it first began. That’s when you will truly value your wedding album. Your album is your very first family heirloom; it’s meant to be shared and past along for generations to enjoy.

After your wedding day, how often do you think you’ll sit down at your computer and look through a disk of 600-800 images? Although it’s important to capture all of the moments that take place on your wedding, looking through all of them can be overwhelming. Individual images capture a moment, but a wedding album tells your story. A disk of photos just doesn’t give you the same connection a custom designed album will. The main reason you have a photographer document your wedding is to share it with others. Your album is the perfect way to do that.

When weddings were shot using film, no one ever requested the film. Can you imagine what a client would have thought if their wedding photographer just handed them a roll of negatives? Yet that’s basically what a disk of images is – undeveloped negatives in digital form. Your wedding photos are intended to create beautiful printed works of art that will serve as a lasting symbol of your love. A professionally designed, high quality album is the perfect work of art to preserve your most cherished memories.


Modern Album Design, Archival Quality, Locally Sourced.

Our album design is modern and clean, keeping your album from looking dated within just a few years.

Below is an album we recently designed. Dekora Albums created this album and I’m absolutely thrilled with it! Dekora is a local upscale custom digital book company. They provide unique and modern albums exclusively to professional photographers. Their albums are beautiful and handcrafted. They offer an extensive variety of cover and size options. Each album comes with it’s own Certificate of Authenticity and is guaranteed to last the test of time.

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If you’re already married and don’t yet have a wedding album, contact us now about purchasing an album to preserve your wedding images. We’ll send you all the information you need for us to get started. This makes a great anniversary gift to get for each other.

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