Outdoor Fall Photos Toronto

Outdoor Fall Photos Toronto at High Park 2017 Announcing our first ever mini sessions for Outdoor Fall Photos Toronto this year!   Autumn is a very popular time of year for family [...]

Mothers day gift

Mothers day gift idea. This year Mothers day is Sunday May 8th. It’s one special day set aside from all others to recognize and say thanks to our moms for all they do. Choosing the perfect [...]

Portrait photographer. Marie Curtis Park a great outdoor location.

Portrait photographer. A family Portrait session at Marie Curtis Park. As a  portrait photographer it’s great to have a studio. Controlled lighting, the ability to schedule a session [...]

A family portrait photography in High Park.

Portrait Photography in High Park. A family of 6, what those still exist? Yes they do! And they don’t get much sweeter and fun then this family. I myself am from a family of 6. My brother [...]

Wow Mom With The Perfect Mothers Day Portrait

  The Perfect Mothers Day Portrait. This Mother’s day Celebrate Mom with an unforgettable Mother’s Day Gift. A very special portrait session. This special Celebrate Mom event is being held [...]

Alexander Muir Gardens – Family Portrait

A beautiful family photo shoot with breathtaking scenery at Alexander Muir Gardens    The formal gardens are named after composer Alexander Muir, who wrote ‘Maple Leaf Forever’ in 1867. The park [...]

Extended Family Photo

Extended Family Photo Mini Sessions The dictionary definition of a family means “a basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or [...]

Beach Family Portrait Toronto

Beach Family Portrait Toronto A Beach Family Portrait in Toronto at Sunnyside Pavilion. If you want beautiful photographs of your family on the beach, Toronto is not the first place that comes to [...]

Outdoor Family Photo shoot – Toronto Photographer

A downtown Toronto Outdoor Family Photo Shoot. With the weather in the city finally warming up, I’m excited to start another season of outdoor family photo shoots. I had the pleasure to [...]