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Business Headshots Toronto

Mycogen Seeds – Dow AgroSciences

Why not combine a little fun, celebration and work all into one night? Some of the employees from Mycogen seeds were gathered in Toronto this summer for a celebratory night of achievement and recognition. They were also in need of new headshots for over 50 of them, and as we know most people dread having their photo taken but we made the experience friendly and efficient so as not to take too much fun away from their evening. Some of them had so much fun they came back for some silly poses but we won’t be showing those….



We are experts at capturing professional portraits that highlight your best features in only minutes. Professional headshots are one of the most powerful business tools that you have at your disposal. A great headshot will communicate professionalism. As we all know first impressions are key, therefore when someone is searching websites the presence of personal photos and headshots not only personalizes the encounter but allows the potential client to see who they will be dealing with. We will ensure your organization obtains images that reveal the very best of your most important assets: your people.

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