Traditional headshot vs personal branding headshot

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Lately, you’ve likely heard a lot about personal branding but you might not know exactly what it is or who needs it. like it or not we all have our own personal brand. So developing your voice and controlling how your personal brand is perceived is important. Let’s start off with what it is.

What is a Personal Brand?

A personal brand is how you’re perceived by others. You can think of it as putting out into the world what you stand for.
It’s also One of the best ways to differentiate yourself. Either within your professional field or marketplace.

So who needs a personal brand.

If you’re an employee your personal brand can be crucial to cultivating a successful career. And if you’re an entrepreneur a personal brand can be crucial to reaching more of your ideal customers or clients.
We’ve now established what a personal brand is. And that everyone needs one.
Before a visitor can read the content on your website or your profile or Hit play on your video. They’re going to see an image. That image is either going to attract them and captivate them into staying on your page. Or it is going to make them bounce off.
Decide which action you’d prefer they take.

Why does your image matter?

First impressions count. If you get it right your potential clients will be intrigued to learn more about you. As well as your service or product.
Did you know the most visited page on any website is the about us.
This proves that people want to do business with people.
I hope you’re not hiding behind your logo and that people get to see who you are when they visit your about page!
Now you know you need an image.
Should you opt for a traditional headshot? Or a personal Branding Headshot?
What’s the difference between them?


What is the difference?


A headshot shows what you look like. A personal branding headshot tells the story of who you are.
With a traditional headshot, you choose a photographer. You plan if your photos will be captured in the studio or on location. You dress appropriately for your professional field. The photographer captures a true representation of what you look like. It’s a head and shoulders shot with you looking at the camera.
For a personal branding headshot, you’ll start with a consultation. This is by far the most crucial step in the process. Here your photographer learns who you are and what your personal brand is. This discovery process assists them in developing the concept for the photo. So they can capture photos that tell your story.

Why you should choose a Personal Branding Headshot.


Personal branding portraits are at the next level. They help you stand out from your competition. They show potential customers and clients your authentic self.
A personal branding headshot has more context of what it is that you actually do. With a personal branding headshot, you have the ability to show your personality. Your photographer will determine the best environment. Establish the best mood for the image. This happens through your body language, your expression the lighting and the location.
I hope you now have a better understanding of what a traditional headshot is. What a personal branding headshot is. And why a personal branding headshot is a much more effective way to reach your ideal audience.

Let’s look at an example of a headshot vs personal branding headshot

Traditional Headshot


Personal Branding Headshot

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