Headshot. 5 tips for your best headshot ever!

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Is a professional headshot really worth it?

Professional headshots is a powerful business tool that you have at your disposal. Especially in our increasingly visual world.

Chances are your photo will be in many places online. On your company website, social media channels, your Linkedin Profile, and business cards. It’s important to LOVE your photos and be confident that they are putting your best face forward.

First impressions are critical, a professional portrait not only personalizes the experience but allows your potential client to see who they will be dealing with. People like to do business with those they know, like, and trust. A great headshot should showcase all of this for you.

So how do we take headshots we love? With 20 years as an experienced professional photographer, I’m sharing 5 Tips for your best headshot ever.

1. Let go of “I’m not Photogenic”

The truth is most people are not naturally considered photogenic.

Do you often feel like the pictures of you don’t look like the face looking back at you in the mirror?

It’s typical for average or even beautiful people to look bad in some pictures. There are a few reasons for this. The camera angle, lighting, and lens choice, to name a few. If not chosen correctly for your features, the photo of you can end up unflattering and over-emphasize flaws.

Can you become more photogenic? Heck YES! Practice, take a bunch of selfies or get a friend to take some photos. Try different expressions head angles etc. Or check out this article for more tips and tricks.

2: Relax.

It’s the key to a natural and authentic smile. If you are tense or stressed, this will show in your face. You have 43 muscles in your face; if you are anxious, it will show. Some claim it takes 43 muscles to frown and 17 to smile. However, there is no scientific proof of the absolute number for how many muscles it takes to smile or frown. In our society, smiling shows approachability, warmth, and builds trust.

Smiling can make the viewer feel more comfortable with you.

3: Dress for your body and profession.

This may seem like a no brainer. However, it doesn’t come naturally to everyone. A simple way to plan what you are going to wear is simply to wear an outfit you’d wear if you were meeting with your ideal client. Think about the outfits that make you feel confident and like you can take on the world. If that means rocking a pair of heels even though it’s a headshot go for it! Self-conscious about your arms, opt for sleeves. If Love your curves, skip the shift dress. For advice on clothing for your shape, check out Dress for your body and profession.

4: Skin and hair

The absolute main concern here is shine. Being shiny does not photograph well for men and women alike. It’s a great idea to have professional make-up, but it’s not necessary. Avoid going full-blown-with an overdone look and keep it natural. Avoid getting a haircut the same day as typically hairstyles need a couple of days to settle.

5: Hire a Professional Photographer and trust them.

You spent hours researching a photographer, or maybe you got a recommendation form a friend. Either way, you’ve hired an experienced professional, so now it’s time to trust them. You should communicate your concerns and ask questions, but ultimately, trust them to do what you hired them to do. To capture the best headshot you’ve ever had! And a true professional will work with you until you are delighted.

I hope these 5 tips help you to get your best Headsot ever!

A professional photographer will help you every step of the way in achieving exactly the results you are looking for. They will help guide you on what to wear and select the most appropriate backdrop for your needs. A professional photographer will be able to look at you and adjust the lighting and your position in relation to the camera to bring out and highlight your best features. And most importantly they will help relax you so you feel confident and yourself.

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