Professional business portraits

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Professional business portraits.

Great business portraits may be the key to making the sale or missing the opportunity. Today consumers have more choice and easy access to information. You need to do everything to stand out from the competition. A professional business portrait adds personality to your website. As well on your marketing materials, public relations efforts and social media.

The search starts online.

The internet is today’s new store front. You only have to think of your own shopping experience. Chances are you “Google” when you are looking to make or buy something. Although how we shop has changed buy hasn’t. Trust is still an important tool in the seller’s toolkit.
The quality of your online photo and the photos of your employees can make all the difference.

Build trust with Professional business portraits.

We know that most people are wary when walking into a car dealership… never really sure if they are going to walk out with the best deal. And that most people start their search for a new car or service online.
We’ve been customers at Sherway Nissan and can speak personally to the excellent service they provide.
As well with well over 200 Google reviews and a 4.5 star rating customers have spoken! At Sherway Nissan, you know that you will get the best deal and service.
Below you’ll see some of the friendly staff you’ll meet at Sherway Nissan.

Sherway Nissan Service Team Members.

Sherway Nissan Team Members.

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Thinking of new business portraits for you or your team?
Below are a few tips to ensure that your online profile photos get the right response from your perspective clients;
Tip #1 Hire a professional to look professional:
If you present yourself as someone with expertise or professional qualifications. Your online photos need to reflect that. A professional photographer specializing in business and corporate headshot photography is the right solution.
Tip# 2 Avoid amateur pics:
Candid photos that were taken at a party
Poorly lit photos
Old outdated photos that don’t reflect your current appearance.
Tip # 3 – It’s worth the investment in a professional photographer:
When a potential client is considering hiring you or working with you, they want to know that you’re a skilled, talented, successful person. Someone who offers something of quality. If you have a good professional headshot you are much more likely to be seen as a person with something of value to offer.
Bonus your new headshot is a business expense and tax deductible. When you consider the abundant benefits, you’ll agree it’s an investment that’s worth it.
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