Moving Your Non-profit Forward in The Era of COVID

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The pandemic has forced everyone to shift the way they conduct business, and this is true for not-for-profit groups, too. Thankfully, there are ways to continue to raise funds and do good work for and in the community, despite COVID-19.

PhotoWorks recently had the privilege of capturing an event run by 360 Kids, which is a fantastic organization that’s making a big impact in the community! 360 Kids was founded in 1989 and since then has provided a wide range of programs and services to help at-risk and homeless youth. They take a 360-degree approach to serving youth (hence the name), understanding the ways in which the pieces of a youth’s life fit together. When one piece is missing the puzzle cannot be completed. For this reason, the organization is focused on taking a detailed and comprehensive approach to providing solidarity and assistance to youth in need.

360 Kids Charity Event

Today, 360 Kids serves over 3,500 youth in the York region. All these youth have access to a safe home and are provided with the support they need to succeed. 360 Kids seeks to ensure that the people they serve have access to educational programming, counselling, and job search support.

For 360 Kids, and many other non-profit organizations, the pandemic has posed challenges for fundraising and holding in-person events. Frustratingly, the pandemic has also caused a greater need for services. 360 Kids has been creative, maintaining funding through traditional avenues such as corporate donations and fundraising sponsorship, while also finding safe ways to host charity events. We were fortunate to be part of 360 Kids Charity Gala where we were able to provide photography to capture the highlights of the evening and celebrate the overall accomplishments of this organizations.

We share 360 Kids’ commitment to giving back to the community, which made working with them extremely rewarding. At PhotoWorks we were excited to be able to help move their initiatives forward, even with the challenges posed by COVID-19.

Being COVID-Ready

We’ve focused on ways to make our services safe and COVID-friendly, so we can ensure we’re ready to safely cover in-person events like the 360 Kids Charity Gala. Health and wellness is our priority at every stage of a charity or corporate event, and our photographers exercise safe social distancing, appropriate mask wearing, and conduct diligent self-screening.

Even with the limits of the pandemic, we are equipped to provide an exciting, fun and safe event for your guests. And the best part, we are ready with professional photographers to make sure that you have the images you need to further your promotional activities online and in print, which is essential when it comes to continuing to meet your fundraising goals.

The need is real across our communities and PhotoWorks is ready to help you with your next corporate or charity event. We know your team is putting in their best to further your mission and raise funds for important community issues. Let us do the same for you.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help make your event a success while meeting all COVID-19 restrictions. We will get through this together – stronger!

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