A Level Playing Field for All Children and Youth Across Canada

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Gender equity is an important social issue that has gained a lot of attention and dedication in recent years. But what does work on gender equity actually look like? At Jays Care, they’re in the thick of it, working hard to make a difference in tangible ways.

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Jays Care translates their mission of believing in gender and equity into action by creating programs that support girls across the country to overcome the current barriers to fair and accessible sports and recreation opportunities. A traditionally male-dominated sports industry can make it difficult for girls to feel comfortable and to succeed at athletics. Jays Care understands better than anyone that this is not fair, and they bring together their love for sports with their passion for uplifting girls to make a change.

Research has shown that active children are able to concentrate much better and that exercise decreases anxiety, reduces depression, and improves mood and outlook in children. These benefits mean that the work Jays Care is doing will make an important difference for children and youth.

We share Jays Care’s support for gender equity which has made working with them a privilege. It is always rewarding to work with an organization so dedicated to an issue that is important to our community. Gender equity impacts all of us. When girls are supported – society improves for everyone.

Getting the Message out There

Effective marketing is a necessary component of success – in creating awareness and gaining support for a cause, and for fundraising purposes. Professional and candid photos that tell a story about who you are as an organization, what you do, and the difference you’re making in other’s lives are a fantastic marketing tool.

We have been fortunate to help Jays Care build a strong, organic marketing profile by working closely with them to truly understand their organization and how they would like to be portrayed in the images we have captured at some of their charity events and galas. This is where the action happens, after all!

When we are part of your event we engage with your guests and make sure to capture special moments that relate directly to your organization’s story. In turn these images will help increase your online presence, social reach and go a long way towards helping you raise awareness of your cause and gain donations. Greater exposure leads to better engagement which results in a larger funding pool!

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