A photo booth is a fantastic addition for charity fundraising events!

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Have a charity gala or golf tournament coming up? Let’s explore why adding a photo booth can be a great addition to you as the charity and your sponsors and guests.

Let’s look at a few reasons why your upcoming charity gala needs a photo booth!

Photo Booth’s Benefit-Charity Fundraisers

  • A Charity Photo booth puts brands at the forefront.

The most significant advantage to you, the charity, of adding a social media photo booth to your next charity event is the branding power that comes with it. 

We customize our prints to reflect your charity’s look and feel by adding logos to every photo border. 

Or you may opt to sell the ad space on each print border to your sponsors.

Generates charity revenue with sellable ad space on each print

Selling the ad space to a sponsor covers the costs for the kiosk, and potentially allows you the ability to earn more money to go towards your donation or charity.

United Way Golf tournament charity photo booth

Add a Social media kiosk and increase the exposure for your event and event sponsors

A big way to increase social media awareness for your cause and sponsors for is to add a social media kiosk. Adding a social media kiosk makes this easy as it allows attendees to instantly share their (branded) photographs on social media. 

As attendees’ share their event photos on their personal social media accounts, your sponsors, benefit from organic exposure and brand awareness via the logo on the print. It also organically shows real engagement and support for your cause from real people to their network for friends and family.

This trusted brand exposure is a huge selling feature for companies who sponsor your charity events!

  • Our social media kiosk collects essential data on event attendees.

An added benefit of photo booth marketing is gathering valuable data on attendees during the event. In exchange for immediate access to their digital photo, attendees input their name and email address in a collection form. We can also add an opt-in for email newsletters. 

With this information, staying connected with attendees is simple and allows you to further your relationship with them. This information, of course, is also precious to sponsors!

When it comes to charity fundraising events, photo booth marketing is a great solution for attracting not only attendees, but sponsors as well! 

If you’d like to learn more about what Photoworks has to offer your charity, give us a call at 416-890-7866  or e-mail us at info@photosthatwork.com or eventfundraising@photosthatwork.com

Planning to host a charity event or fundraiser? 

Looking for a fun and creative way to help raise money and host a memorable event? 

Look no further. Photoworks is the perfect addition to any charitable event! We help you raise money while providing guests with fun memories and a physical memento of the occasion.

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