Insurance Brokers: Don’t Risk the Party Not Being Fun!

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The insurance game is a game of risks, but not when it comes to having a good time. The Youth Insurance Professionals of Toronto (YIPT) is Toronto’s platform for insurance industry professionals to engage, grow, and give back to the community – and they know how to have a good time while doing it! YIPT holds initiatives throughout the year to give members access to peer-to-peer networking, mentorship programs, and relationship building, all wrapped up in a night of fun and excitement. 

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How do they do it? There’s no single correct answer. Whatever the nature of the event, the difference between a success versus a dud largely comes down to attitude – the attitude of the hosts and the attendees alike. Whether it’s a harbour cruise featuring the Toronto skyline, a red-carpet event, a banquet, or any other sort of activity, YIPT understands the value of professional photography and the affect that it can have on an organization’s events.  

How Does Photography Help? 

Including an element of professional photography to an event is a tried-and-true method for ensuring the event’s success. The Youth Insurance Professionals of Toronto know this to be true – they’ve got a gallery of photographs showcasing their past events, featuring smiles across the board from their attendees.  

YIPT have gained a number of advantages by doing this. By including professional photography at their events, they’re equipping themselves with undeniable, hard evidence of a good time had by all! Having these photographs proves to be enormously helpful as you go to plan future events, since you have irrefutable proof of the successes of your past events and those who attended can be reminded of their pleasant evening. 

Think of it as a marketing tactic. Why use stock images to promote events when you can refer to your own track record? By making a small investment into a photography service, you gain relevant, quality media to use as future marketing materials, thus providing a very high return for your minimal investment.  

What’s more, including photo booths or other forms of professional photography provides even more incentive for guests to show up and get involved. If you’re headed to a red-carpet event or a gala of some sort, wouldn’t you want to immortalize the moment? With everybody dressed to the nines and enjoying themselves, a photo opportunity only adds to the fun.  

The PhotoWorks Promise 

As a professional photography team, we at PhotoWorks understand better than most the power of a great photograph. It adds value for your guests, as well as your company or organization. At PhotoWorks we have the knowledge and professional experience to work with you to provide the exact photography services that will benefit your event, seamlessly integrating into your big night without any hassle or hiccups. 

We understand that the nature of an event can dictate what sort of photography is appropriate, which is why we offer a range of services. Whether you need corporate headshots, candid photographs, or a photo booth, we have you covered. We also rent and deliver photo backdrops and props, or go more classic with a chic and collected photo op. Whatever the need, whatever the event, PhotoWorks has the solution for you. 

Whether you’re seeking to gain marketing materials, boost your social media game, or simply provide your guests with a whale of a time, PhotoWorks has what it takes to make your event a smashing success. Follow YIPT’s lead and invest in photography services at your next event – we’re certain you’ll be pleased with the results! Reach out to PhotoWorks today to discuss your photography needs, and to determine a solution that’s right for you! 

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