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Photoworks family portrait station at the Princess ball for Wishes for Olivia.

First of all, when we were asked to run a family portrait station at the Princess ball for Wishes for Olivia we were so excited to say yes! The annual Princess Ball is a lavish family-friendly gala event. The ball offers wonderful children’s activities, delicious food, silent auctions, and raffles. Wishes for Olivia raises money for Make-A-Wish® Canada in Olivia’s name as a way to carry on her legacy.

The Fourth Annual Princess Ball.

This year’s ball showcased Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Her smarts, brightness, and persistent nature are qualities held by all Princess’s.

Green Screen Magic!

Also to add a little magic to our family portrait station we decided to use a green screen. Therefore this allowed us to transport guests to a magical scene. As a result, the portraits look magical. Here are a few images we captured.

Family Portrait Station

Beautiful Princess mother and daughter.

Family Portrait Station

Mommy and me princes’s portrait

Mommy and me princess portrait

Bat-Mom with her Batman and Batgirl

Family Portrait Green screen

Princess Family Portrait

Family Portrait Station

Two beautiful princesses.

Princess Ball Photoworks

Family portraits with two beautiful princess

Photoworks Princess Ball

A beautiful Princess at the Ball

A beautiful Princess at the Ball

A beautiful Princess at the Ball

Mommy and me Princess portrait.

Another Mommy and me Princess portrait.

Princess Ball Portrait by Photoworks

As a result of our green screen, this beautiful Princess stands before a castle.

Princess Ball Portrait by Photoworks

Another Mommy and me Princess portrait.

My daughter and I.

Finally, my own special little princess was also in attendance at the ball. Ironically although she is always wondering around our home in her Belle costume at the Princess Ball she wanted to be a ballerina… in her undershirt. Yes for those of you in attendance that was my child.

Green Screen Family Portrait Station

Yet here we are, my Daughter as Belle and I. Hence this dress was worn for 2 mins then it was back to Ballerina girl!

Princess Ball Liberty Grand

Opposite to my desire of having my Princess Belle. My daughter dressed as a ballet dancer (in her undershirt because she’s hot) either that or she just liked the way it looked.

Photoworks Princess Ball

She especially liked getting her hair colored by Melonhead as a result, we have glitter and red hair till the next wash!

The princess ball west wing

Another activity she really enjoyed was exploring the west wing and consequently, all its jewels.

Therefore after helping us at our family portrait station, she enjoyed all that the ball had to offer. She especially liked the hair spray at Melon Heads to amazing face painting by Happy Faces. Another favorite activity was making her own perfume with Gala Glam. And as much as she enjoyed the ball and all its excitement, for me watching her was a true delight. While for me the most magical moment was when Cinderella offered her a hug and signed her autograph book.

In conclusion, I can’t say enough how well put together the Princess Ball was this year. If you have a little girl or boy who loves magic and princess this event is a must. Click here to find out more about The Princess Ball and join the early bird list or make a donation to Wishes for Olivia.

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