Cute Baby Smashes First Birthday Cake!

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Cute Baby Smashes First Birthday Cake!

Happy first birthday to this super cute baby! Baby A celebrated her first birthday with us, her mom, her grandmother and her dad (on FaceTime)! She came ready to go in Toronto with two adorable outfits. First was a pink tutu highlighted with a fun shirt with a slightly mischievous message from her uncle.  The second was a pair of striped leggings with a cupcake bunny tail and a pink crown. Two cute outfits for a cute baby. Do you have favourite outfits you like dressing your baby in? Let us know in the comments – we love hearing about different cute baby outfits. Take a look at another baby session and how she incorporated the same crown Baby A is wearing into her outfit.

Here’s a little behind the scenes video of her cake smash session!


She was just learning to stand so we incorporated a little chair into the shoot. It worked out great as it helped us showcase the cupcake bunny tail. It was also a perfect way to showcase her standing.

It’s always interesting to see the reactions of babies once the cake is placed in front of them. Some are hesitant – like they know they shouldn’t but can’t help and stick their hands in and some go for it right away! Her curiosity was so adorable. Slow at first but soon she found the fun in playing with cake. It quickly became clear that she would rather play with cake than eat it! It is always fun to play with your food. Trust us! Any cute baby celebrating their first birthday would be able to confirm that.

A baby’s curiosity is amazing to watch. Little things that light their eyes up – like the cake, the camera and their fun accessories.

It was a super fun morning session here at Photoworks and your happiness brightened up our day. Happy birthday! All the best in your wonderful years ahead.

Baby in pink tutu with large canvas number one beside her.

smiling baby in pink tutu

Baby in pink tutu with large canvas number one beside her.

baby in pink crawling towards camera smiling

Collage with baby in pink tutu smashing cake.

Baby in pink tutu with smashed cake beside her

baby standing beside white chair with pink cupcake leggings

baby looking back with cake

smiling baby reaching for camera wearing pink

baby peeping through letter O

Baby in pink tutu with smashed cake beside her


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