Bachelorette Photoshoot!?

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What is a Bachelorette Photoshoot!?

There are so many different ways to celebrate a bachelorette party. The classic ways are going to an all inclusive resort in the caribbean, partying in Vegas or going on a night out. A new and fun way to celebrate is to have a bachelorette photoshoot in our downtown Toronto studio! It’s a great way to get professional photographs done of your bridal party while having lots of fun.
We had a bridal party come in last week to celebrate with us. The bridesmaid and her sister came in early to help set up. Bringing in lots of food, snacks, cupcakes from Prairie Girl Bakery and of course champagne! This bridal party started their morning off with a relaxing spa treatment. Once finished they all met up at the studio.

What happens at a bachelorette photoshoot? Well anything, it’s up to you! We have hair and makeup done at the studio, a bunch of games, dancing and music. Within all that we also have a photoshoot. Getting glammed up and partying with your bridal party is a great way to prepare for the actual wedding itself. It gives you a chance to test out your makeup and hair for the special day. Here’s a video of another bachelorette party we did a few months ago!

The bachelorette party brought in two outfits. Cute summer dresses and custom made t-shirts with their last names and roles in the bridal party. They also had awesome sunglasses which was a great addition to the photoshoot!

nine pairs of sunglasses arranged in a circle with a chalk sign in the middle saying "Julia's Bachelorette"

As part of the bachelorette photoshoot package we offer a printed photo with an original template for each lady in the bridal party. Once the photoshoot is finished, we ask the bridal party to select their favourite photo.  Then we print it right away.

Here is a little behind the scenes video:

It’s a lot of fun and a great way to get the bridal party together for the first time for the start of the wedding.


beautiful photo of smiling bride in white and pink dress
group photo of bride and bridesmaid posing with custom made tshirts


bachelorette photoshoot group shot with funny signs and props

group photo of bachelorette party wearing custom made black shirts with their wedding roles

two photos of bride and maid of honour posing together for bachelorette photoshoot

two photos of bride and two bridesmaid posing wearing ray bans and smiling

two photos of bride and bridesmaid wearing sunglasses celebrating a bachelorette photoshoot

bride and bridesmaids posing and smiling together

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