What to wear for your headshot.

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6 tips to look your best in your new headshot.

1. Choose something that you feel amazing in.

Clothes can affect your mood and how you feel during your photo shoot. Above everything else, I recommend you want to select clothes that you’ll feel confident in.

The outfit you wear for your headshot session can make a big impact on the way you’re perceived. So take some time to plan ahead and choose what you’ll be wearing.

The main goal of this new headshot is for people to recognize you. Connect with you and get a sense of your personality.

The clothing you select has a great way of accomplishing all three of these goals.

2.Choose appropriate attire for your profession.

Consider the industry that you are working in when choosing what to wear.

Does your company have a conservative dress code? If so keep this in mind.

You may want to also consider researching headshots of other people in your industry. This will give you a feel for the clothing that’s appropriate.
One great way to determine if you are making the right choice is to ask yourself if you’d wear that to work.

Generally, I’d say it is best to wear long sleeves in a corporate headshot. Bare arms are often distracting. And if your company has a strict dress code bare arms may be seen as inappropriate.


If you’re a lawyer, accountant or financial advisor. It makes sense to wear a dress shirt and business jacket. For males, I’d also add a tie.

What to wear for your headshot.
Corporate clothing ideas.
What to wear for your headshot. Women's casual clothing options

If you ‘re in a creative field such as a marketing manager, interior designer or graphic artist. You may want something more casual and colorful.

What to wear for your headshot. Men's casual clothing options
What to wear for your headshot. Women's casual clothing options

3. Avoid trendy opt for classic.

Choosing something trendy can quickly date your new image. Unless your planning on having a new headshot every season I’d recommend timeless classics.
Trendy items also have a way of stealing the focus in the image. Not what you want! You want people to look at you and specifically your eyes. This is where the magic is in an effective headshot.

4. Clean and pressed.

Nothing is worse than wrinkled clothing.
So what if your clothes are wrinkly you may ask? Or stained, or ill-fitting?
Dressing like this sends the message that you don’t really care. Not only about your appearance, but also about your job and career.
I’d recommend before your session check that your clothing fits you. That the items are clean, stain free and pressed.

5. Keep it simple.

Avoid bold, distracting patterns or colors. And fabrics that are very shiny.

6. Choosing the right color

In general, choose darker over lighter. Avoid colors that are close in shade to your skin tone, because they can make you appear washed out.

Is there a color that you’ve noticed when you wear it you get more compliments?

Has someone ever said wow you look great in blue, for example?
If so bring in at least one top in this color.

If you want to understand how color subconsciously communicates personality traits I’d recommend https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/digital-leaders/201106/what-does-the-color-you-choose-say-about-you

Specifics to keep in mind for men.

Choose a dress shirt with a collar. A suit jacket always looks professional. A great way to add style is to layer a V-neck sweater or add a tie that makes a statement. If you plan to wear just a dress shirt avoid white if possible. Leave a button or two undone on your shirt if you are not wearing a tie.

A specifics to keep in mind for women.

Avoid very low cut tops, because they may make it look like you aren’t wearing any top if they are cropped close. Ensure you have the right undergarments for the color and fabric of your top.

Exceptions to the rules.

In most situations, these guidelines will serve you well. But sometimes rules are meant to be broken.

A bold pattern might be the right choice for you. And a bold style may be what makes you stand out from the crowd. If it truly reflects your personality and is acceptable in your profession go for it!

My recommendation.

Bring several outfits. Together we will select the best outfit(s) for your session.

Final thoughts.

In today’s market place everyone needs a professional headshot. Now more then ever people are turning online to connect with the people they want to buy from and do business with.

Having a good headshot is an important tool to help you and all professionals need a headshot.

Like it or not we all form opinions about each other. So it’s important to ask yourself.

What does my current headshot say to others about me?

Is it sending the message you want people to hear?

If not then it’s time for a new one.

Are you ready to refresh your Business portrait image?

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