The Redwood Gimme Shelter

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The Redwood Gimme Shelter 2014 Fundraiser.

The Redwood Gimme Shelter 8th annual Fundraiser  was hosted last night at the Gardiner Museum. The Redwood is a safe place for women and children to get the support they need to escape from abusive relationships. The Redwood has been helping women and children since 1993.

At the event one of the women whom The Redwood has been able to help spoke about what impact The Redwood has had on her life. She thanked the staff at Redwood for helping her and her young daughter escape a life of fear and pain to one of hope and happiness. If you would like to learn more about The Redwood or to Donate please visit them HERE.The Redwood Gimme ShelterThe Redwood Gimme Shelter

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