Mother’s Day

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Every year for Mother’s Day I struggle to find the perfect gift for my mom. What gift will most expresses the appropriate amount of thanks to a woman who eliminated coffee, cold cuts, sushi and wine among other things for 9 months. Who watched her body change shape before her eyes as her waist magically expanded an incredible amount everyday to accommodate me? Who suffered exhaustion and nausea as her body put the needs of my own first? Who worked hard and sacrificed for me for so many years. Will, a bouquet of flowers do, a box of chocolates suffice? If you are like me and are looking for a gift that mom will cherish for a lifetime a Mother Daughter Photo Shoot may be just what you’re looking for.

Family photos are one of our most cherished possessions not only to be enjoyed by us but also by future generations.  Often times they are appreciated much more by future generations then we realize. Just think about how much you cherish your own family photos of loved ones who are no longer here and how looking at those simple snapshots will put smiles on your face.

If your house where on fire and you could only go back for one irreplaceable possession what would it be?

Whether you have professional photos done or just use whatever camera you happen to have, this Mother’s Day remember to take some photos with your mom and print them out so that you both as well as future generations will be able to enjoy and cherish them.

If you’re thinking about booking a session for your mom contact us for more info.


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