Rumble Live and Rebel Media’s May 9th Event in Toronto: A Day with Donald Trump Jr.

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Donald Trump Jr.

On May 9th, Toronto witnessed a spectacular gathering hosted by Rebel Media, featuring none other than Donald Trump Jr. The event was a notable occasion that drew in a vibrant crowd eager to hear from high-profile guests like Ezra Levant, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and David Menzies. The Event: Defending your Human Right to Expression.

The Rebel Media event was a perfect blend of engaging discussions, networking opportunities, and thought-provoking speeches. Donald Trump Jr. took center stage, delivering an address that resonated with many in the audience. His presence electrified the atmosphere, making it an event to remember for all attendees.

PhotoWorks: Capturing the Essence of the Day

Donald Trump Jr.

PhotoWorks, a leader in corporate photography, captured eager VIP guests at the event with a step and repeat alongside Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle. On-Site Photo Printing and QR Code Social Media Share: Instant Memories.

Standout services provided by PhotoWorks included their on-site photo printing. VIP Guests were thrilled to receive high-quality prints with Donald Trump Jr. in the VIP lounge area. This feature added a personal touch to the event, allowing attendees to take home a Photo Event Print as well as a QR code share of their moment with the special guests that they could immediately share to their social media platforms.

Excellence in Corporate Events Photography


Corporate events photography

Corporate events photography demands a unique blend of skills: the ability to capture professional interactions in a high-paced environment with very limited time. Fast and friendly: the PhotoWorks Difference.

Event Wrap-Up

Corporate events

Rebel Media’s May 9th event in Toronto, with Donald Trump Jr. as the key guest, was a day filled with memorable moments and engaging discussions. Thanks to PhotoWorks and their expertise in corporate photography, the on-site photo printing and the QR Code Social media sharing added a unique takeaway to the event.

For anyone looking to capture the spirit of their corporate events with friendly professionals, PhotoWorks is the go-to choice. Their ability to blend social media share technology with on-site printing ensures that every event is not just photographed but celebrated and shared.

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