Why Weddings are my Favorite Events to Capture

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Wedding photography poses a unique set of challenges, long hours, uncontrollable restraint’s on locations, time, weather and so on, yet it’s truly one of my favorite events to capture. It means so much to me to be a part of such a hugely important day in two people’s lives.

I have to admit very often, expressing my thoughts in written word is very difficult for me but in this recent article in the Huffington Post Anne Almasy describes the images that most photographers really enjoy capturing at weddings, here is a small excerpt from her article Resolution,

“ To photograph your parents, who will hold hands and cry on the first row of the chapel. To photograph your sister dancing with that boy she will marry in three years. To photograph those kids who will grow up so, so quickly. To photograph your grandfather, who will pass away next spring. To photograph your first kiss as a married couple, your best friend busting out her signature dance moves, the flower girl asleep under a table, and maybe even your ex looking pretty wistful as he hugs you a little too long in the receiving line.”

bride and mother

wedding party

Thank you Anne Almasy for expressing so perfectly why I love photographing weddings. To read her article Resolution in full in the Huffington Post click here.

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