Where is the time going?

Have you ever looked at your kids and said to yourself;

Where did the time go?

How did they grow up so fast?

You are not alone.

They are only this age once.

Capture this moment.
school fundraising ideas

Does it

Raise funds through ticket sales. The ticket is $35 per family.
This $35 entitles the family to a portrait session and a boutique
style included portrait!

100% of the money from tickets sales are retained by your organization!

We want your fundraiser to be a success!

In addition to the funds raised through ticket sales an additional 15% is donated from add-on portrait package sales. 

Benefits of a photo fundraiser.

It’s Fundraising made Simple!

A great way to have the beautiful portrait you’ve always wanted of your family while raising funds for your school.

Fundraise for your school or group by offering a gift everyone will love and cherish. School photo fundraising is the most innovative and successful way for your organization to raise much-needed funds.
school fundraising ideas


We have a school day photographer.​

Photoworks does not photograph school day photos. Photoworks specializes in the family portrait experience!

We already decided on our Fundraisers this year.

Photo fundraising requires minimal effort. It’s a great compliment to already existing scheduled fundraisers.

What does the school have to do?

Very little. We will provide all the marketing materials. The school gets the word out through word of mouth, newsletters, and e-mail.

Do we have to sign people up or schedule them?

We set-up an online portal for parents to sign-up. It’s easy and convenient.

Do we have to collect orders?

Orders are taken immediately following the portrait session on event night. Therefore no additional work or handling is required by the council, parents, or school office!

How do we get more information?

Call us 416-890-7866 or e-info@photosthatwork.com!

We are available for an in-person presentation.

Capture the Moment before it slips away…

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