You have an opportunity to have a beautiful family portrait done at your child’s school!

How does it work?

Sign-up for your preferred time below. The ticket is $25 per family. This $25 entitles you to a 10-minute portrait session and an 8×10 print.

Your organization retains 100 % of the money from ticket sales!

After your session, you will choose your favorite photos. Many families take advantage of our great pricing and add extra pictures in addition to the complimentary 8×10 included in your session.

15% of all sales will go to your school’s fundraising efforts!

A great way to have the beautiful portrait you’ve always wanted of your family while raising funds for your school.


A look behind the scenes. What’s to expect during your session.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many photos will you take?​

You can expect to select from 20-30 photos.

Why do I need clean shoes? If I don’t, do I need to take off my shoes?

Getting down to the level of your child creates an intimate and loving photo, this means sitting and laying on the floor. To keep your clothes clean, we need to keep the floor clean!

I want to include the grandparents do I need two sessions?

No, we can include them in one session.

I want to include my sister/brothers, and her/his family do I need two sessions?

In this case, the answer is YES because we’d like to offer them the full series of combinations with their own family as well as your families combined and cousin photos.

Do you have props for newborns?

Babies 0 to sitting (usually at 6-9 months) require extra time and specialized equipment to photograph. We are not set-up for individual newborns photos. However, we can photograph newborns with a family member holding them.


How do we get more information?

Call us 416-890-7866 or e-mail info@photosthatwork.com!

Capture the Moment before it slips away…

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