Golf Tournaments

We specialize in photographing corporate and charity golf events.
Are you planning a golf tournament for team building?

Do I need a Golf Tournament Photographer?

Not sure you should spend on hiring a professional to capture foursome shots and candid moments?

I mean everyone has a cell phone. Right?

Sure you can leave it up to your employees, however, the whole purpose of the event to strengthen the bonds within your corporate culture and teams. Allow them to be in the moment and experience the day while trusting a professional to capture the moments. Celebrating at the golf course, relaxing and enjoying the benefits of all their hard work.

Our photographers will capture the foursomes and action throughout the day.

We offer onsite printing a great gift to give all the teams. It’s a memorable fun takeaway. Add your company logo to the photo border for a lasting branded memory.

What to expect:

  • We photograph each foursome, during the course of the day’s play.
  • We print us instantly on site.
  • Your golfers go away with a unique memento photographic print of the day.
  • We also offer instant onsite digital file sharing of the day’s photos.



We look forward to getting back to you with a proposal or any further questions shortly!


If you are still not convinced hiring a professional photographer is worth it check out this great post.