Capture The Moment

Enjoy beautiful portraits of your family as art.

Life is too short to miss out on life’s most important moments.

Have you worried your kids are growing too fast?

Do you wonder how you can capture and cherish these moments with them as children?

Do you find it difficult to get a photo of your entire family together with everyone looking good?

You are not alone. Most parents struggle with the same questions.

We are here to help!

Milton family photographers.


Over 15 years as professional photographers. Bringing value to people and business through beautiful images. We specialize in photographing people.


Friendly service, a relaxed experience and portraits you’ll love. That’s our commitment to you and your guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our work we don’t expect you to pay.


Relationships matter and we want to build one with you. Photography is our passion and we use it to improve the lives of our clients, capturing real stories.

It’s your life. Your story.


Family Portrait Milton

Outdoor Lifestyle Photo Shoot

In Home Photo Shoot

Classic Studio Photo Shoot

We capture the endearing, fun and real moments of your life.

Through our portraiture, we capture your unique family. Your personalities, the connection between you and the love that you share.You’ll enjoy beautiful heirloom portraits for years to come.Bringing you a sense of pride and happiness each time you view them.

How does it work?


We want to get to know about you and your family so we can design the perfect session for you! So call 416-890-7866  or e-mail us and we’ll get started planning your perfect session.


We’ll send you a what to wear guide so you can coordinate everyone’s clothing.

We will schedule a date that works for us all.

RELAX. It’s our job to make you look and feel your best! We aim to make the shoot relaxed and fun!


One week after your session, we will schedule a time for you to visit the studio and see your images for the first time. During this time you will select your favorites. Together we’ll collaborate to find the proper sizing and display options for you.

Thinking about hiring a professional photographer to capture a Family Portrait?

If you are considering hiring a professional photographer, relax. We understand you’re looking for someone to capture the connection and love between you and your family. We also understand you want portraits to proudly hang on your walls to enjoy every day.

Together we will make your dream of a stress-free experience and beautiful family portraits a reality!

How does it work

Start by calling us at 416-890-7866. We are here to help you plan the perfect session.

Getting Started.

We will find a date and time that works for us both. We’ll answer any questions you may have and discuss what your goals are for the photo session. Together we will determine if a studio or on location session will work best for you and your family.

Once a date and time is selected we require a $100 retainer to confirm your session.

Retainers are accepted online or by phone.

What to Expect

We understand not everyone in your family may be as excited as you are for family portraits. Relax it’s our job to make everyone feel comfortable and make the session as painless and fun as possible.

Your session with us will be casual and relaxed.

During your shoot, we’ll combine gently posed shots along with capturing spontaneous, unguarded moments as they unfold. Our session will generally last about an hour, but it’s not timed and can go a little bit either way.

Our goal is to capture photographs you will love and cherish for years. We find an hour is an average giving us plenty of time to capture the full range of your family story.

How to prepare

Let your family know where and when the family portraits will take place.

Let everyone know the color scheme you have selected.

If you’ve selected an in-studio session let us know the color scheme. We will prepare the most suitable backdrop.

What to wear

Now we understand deciding on outfits can be challenging.

Here are a few general guidelines.

  • Solids over prints
  • Go for a pop of color.
  • Avoid trendy clothing; they will quickly date the images.
  • Avoid dressing everyone exactly the same.
  • Coordinate everyone so the outfits work well together. With style, shades, and colors that coordinate.

Looking for inspiration? Here is a link to some Pinterest pins we have put together with clothing ideas. http://www.pinterest.com/photoworks/family-photo-shoot-clothing-inspiration/ (copy and paste this link into your browser) E-mail us for a complete guide on what to wear for family sessions.

E-mail us for a complete guide on what to wear for family sessions.

After your session

After your session, we will schedule a time for you to visit the studio and see your images for the first time. During this time you will select your favorites. Choose portraits for gift prints. Together we’ll collaborate to find the proper sizing and presentation for your wall portraits.


Family session includes

  • A consultation, by phone, e-mail or in person.
  • Up to 1 hour of photographers time and talent.
  • An in-person viewing and ordering session.

Session fee is $150 for our photographer’s time and talent.

Photos start at $75 per portrait. Collections start at $300.

Contact us for more info on various products and pricing.

All prices subject to HST.

General Info

When will I see my photos?

Your session images are carefully edited, with the best images selected for your viewing appointment.

A viewing and purchasing appointment will be booked for you approximately one week after your photo session. Together we will enjoy selecting your favorite portraits.

We will help guide you in making your size and display choices.

It’s important to have all decision makers when you view your photos, as these images will become an important part of your family.

We are passionate about preserving your memories for generations. Therefore we provide a range of unique, high-end carefully curated line of products. Experience the treasure of holding your portraits.

Orders are ready 3-4 weeks after placement. Payment is required in full at time of order.

Now is the time to capturing your family with beautiful images you are sure to cherish for years to come.

How to book

Sessions are available by appointment only.

Please call (416) 890-7866 or e-mail us carla@photosthatwork.com to book your session. Due to a high volume of inquiries, a $100 non-refundable retainer is required to confirm your session. This is payable by Visa, MasterCard, or cheque.

Make sure to check out our blog, for recent family sessions.

A Personal note on my own Family Portraits

Growing up our home was covered with family portraits. Walls adorned with framed baby photos. Each of my 3 siblings and I little angelic dolls. A stunning large hand-colored black and white wedding portrait greeted everyone who first walked in through the front door. To us, as children, this wedding portrait looked more like a scene out of a romantic movie. Not the tired hardworking people we knew as mom and dad. But my absolute favorite is our very own awkward family portrait. Taken at a mall studio with questionable clothing and hairstyles. For years this family portrait made me cringe, but with age, I have now grown to love it.

I remember looking at these often. Teasing and reminiscing about how much we all changed and what good times we had had.

Without consciously realizing it these portraits told me that I belonged. And of my importance within my family unit. There is plenty of research that supports the importance for children to feel valued. Read more HERE.

What I also didn’t realize at the time was that all the portraits on the wall had been formal portraits. One’s commissioned by my parents and photographed by professional photographers.

Nowadays we capture more photos than we ever have. The reality is we print far less. How will our own children enjoy the memories of their childhood and youth? Will your cell phone still be around in 20, 30 40 years? What will happen to the photo of your baby with the diaper on their head? Or the one with daddy smiling back at them with a diaper on his head? I ask these questions not to freak you out. But rather to get you thinking about how you’d feel if your photos disappeared? And to motivate you to print those photos you already have. The reality is images can be erased accidentally. Or forgotten about. If you need the word of someone else head the words of warning by Google boss Internet pioneer Vint Cerf HERE