By providing professional photographs you have commissioned, you can control your image. We recently meet a client who came to see us because he was horrified when the writer of an article featuring his company had grabbed an unprofessional photo of him from Google. This was not how he wanted to represent his new start-up. Imagine what impression a party picture or vacation snapshot taken from your Facebook page would give to your clients and customers.

A Competitive Edge

In a competitive market place everything you do impacts your business. A professional headshot will communicate to your clients on a quicker and deeper level exactly what you and your brand are all about.

Building Trust

A professional portrait allows your clients an opportunity to decide if they can trust you. Your greatest chance at creating a successful and effective portrait is to work with an experienced professional that will craft a portrait that presents you as the true professional you are.

Social Media

Today more then ever the first time someone sees you and the first impression they have of you is when they meet you online. Through your website, e-mail, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. You need a professional portrait that allows your perspective clients to trust you and feel positive and excited about the opportunity to either work with you or buy from you. I recently asked a client how she went about choosing her Hypnobirthing specialist. She said she did a google search and made her choice based on the online photos. In her words “she looked like a nice person”. I’m certain this client is not unique in her process or reason for choosing whom she was ready to give her money too. People do business with people.

An Inverstment

Capturing a great business portrait is so much more then just a good camera, before you invest your time and money in creating a new portrait examine how you feel about the photographers work? When you look at the sample Business Portraits on their website, do you feel that the people represented speak to you the way you want your portrait to speak to your potential clients? If you’re considering asking a colleague or friend to just take a portrait for you, consider what impression your client will have about you and your business. You have invested a great deal of time and money in growing and nurturing your business and brand you don’t want to negatively impact your clients perception of you with an unprofessional portrait.

It's Not Scary or Painfull

I understand that for some people thinking about having their portrait taken can feel a bit like getting their teeth cleaned. I want you to rest assured this is not how you’ll feel with us. We will help you feel at ease and comfortable. Our goal for every single person we photograph is for you to walk away at the end and say “wow that’s the best photo I’ve ever had”.

We are experts at capturing professional portraits that highlight your best features.

Professional portraits are one of the most powerful business tools that you have at your disposal. We all know first impressions are key, a professional portrait not only personalizes the experience but allows the potential client to see who they will be dealing with. We will ensure your organization gets images that showcase the very best of your most important assets: your people.

What to expect

We help guide you through the session to get the exact look you want. Together we create images that are natural and professional. The studio offers both indoor and outdoor options. This versatility is great for achieving a lot of variety in one session.

The session is up to an hour and we can accommodate at most three outfit changes.

If you need inspiration on what to wear here is a link to some clothing ideas.

What’ type of Portrait is right for you?

Business Portrait:

This is a head-and-shoulders photo with a simple background. The purpose of a Business Portrait is to show the public with whom they are doing business. It is very important for a business to have portraits of at least its key people to help put a human face on the company.

Executive Portrait

An Executive Portrait is part of a corporate image. An executive portrait should showcase an individual who is proud of their company. The viewer should feel that the executive is trustworthy, knowledgeable, confident and capable.

Creating an Executive portrait usually requires a bit more planning and set-up. It may include some of the surroundings. This type of portrait gives some context to the type of work the executive does by including some of their natural working environment. We may include the desk, chair, or windows.

Environmental Portrait

This is a natural, action type portrait. This may be a candid shot. Such as the person speaking at a conference. Or it can be a posed photo where the person is doing something in a specific location that relates to their field or company or brand.

Corporate Portrait

This type of portrait is a group photo of several people who run the company. This portrait we may include some of the appropriate work environment. Be that the office, the factory floor, showroom, office building, or products, etc.

What’s included in your head shot session?


After your session you will receive a link to your images within 24 hours. We send you your final retouched image within 48 hours. The session is $199+ HST. This includes our time together to craft the perfect image as well your choice of one image. Your selected image will be carefully enhanced to showcase you at your best.

You will receive this image in 3 sizes;
Full resolution for print.
Optimized for the web.
Sized for LinkedIn and cropped square.

Business Portraits are a must for every professional.

Contact us for more information on how we can help you achieve exactly what you want. Sessions are available by appointment only.

Please call (416) 890-7866 or e-mail me carla@photosthatwork.com to book your session. Due to a high volume of inquiries a $50 non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your session. Deposit payable by Visa, MasterCard, e-transfer or PayPal.

If you are looking for a portrait photographer in Toronto or surrounding areas, please contact us for more info. Make sure to check out our blog, for recent sessions.